Frequently Asked Questions

Our participants have lots of questions during the course of the program. Very valid questions. Several of them are answered below. If you have more questions that are not answered here, please ask below.

Questions related to daily report

  • What is the meaning of food score?
    Every answer choice of the daily log has a score associated with it. Depending on the answer you choose, you get a score. Food score is the aggregate of the scores of all the food related answers. 
  • What is the maximum food score?
    The maximum food score is 62. The higher the food score, the healthier you will be.
  • This is my first week, I have been following the food schedule, but my score is low, why?
    First week eases you into the program, getting you comfortable to do things that you may not have done before. So you are just warming up.

    The Food score ranges from 0 to 62, the higher the better.  Starting off, you may not see a high food score. 

    As we introduce more concepts of healthy eating into your food schedule and if you follow them, your food score will go up. Concomitantly, you will eat healthier, the appropriate quantities, at the right time, ergo feel lighter and more agile. Let us wait for that day.

Questions related to Food

  • Why do you emphasize that we start the day with smoothies?
    Starting the day with a smoothie gives you an instant energy boost for the day. As it contains all the raw vegetables and fruits in its raw state, it is very nutritious and easily digestable. It has been proven to release antioxidants which help in cleansing your body.

    More importantly, this relegates caffeine to the back assuming you have traditionally started the day with a hot beverage containing caffeine.
  • My staple has always been rice or bread- why should I start with salads instead?
    Having a big bowl of salad before your traditional meals fills you up and makes you eat lesser quantities of simple carbs like wheat (bread) or rice. Fresh raw vegetables and greens are complex carbs and have a lot of fiber and bulky, which helps in satiety.

    As they are more fibrous the end product of digestion- glucose, gets released slowly in a phased manner rather than in spikes as happens when you eat only plain carbs.
  • Should I stick to the schedule salad or whip up my own recipe?
    We would like you to get creative and experiment with different colored greens and vegetables to cook your own salads. So if you don't have any ingredients for the salad or you are in the mood to experiment, please go ahead. We are only particular that (a) you have two varieties of salads everyday, (b) these salads always precede your regular meal

Questions related to Activity

  • How can I lose weight by doing light exercises? These are easy.

    We have two words - JUST WAIT.

    It is no fun to strain a muscle or fracture a bone in the first week, especially when your body is not used to intense activity.

    We believe in easing you into the program through diet and activity. We want the changes in you to be sustainable. This program is a lifestyle transformation program and not a short term weight loss program.

    So we want you to be comfortable and not get stressed out about it. You will see tweaks in your schedule every week and without realising you will be on more strenous activity that your body can handle.

  • I hear a lot about resistance training. Is that something we should be getting into?
    We want you to be concentrating on diet in the first few weeks. Of Course being active is very important, hence in the first few weeks the activities are of lesser intensity. As we progress to the last few weeks of the program, our focus turns to resistance training and muscle building activities.
  • Will there be any live activity sessions?
    We can arrange for online live sessions for yoga, strength training and group dance classes. These come under a different plan, please talk to your coach about it.